34D bra size

According to our data, 1,16% of women in the United States, or 1573088 people, have this size. Among them: Kate Upton, Jennifer Connelly, Katharine McPhee. Below you will learn how size 34D differs from sizes 34C, 36C, 32D, 36D, 32E, 34E. Find out why it’s average.

How many inches and centimeters in 34D bra size

Bust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)37 – 4094 – 101,6
Underbust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)33 – 3583,8 – 88,9
Bust (US+4\ UK+4)33 – 3683,8 – 91,4
Underbust (US+4\ UK+4)29 – 3173,7 – 78,7
Bra size (US+0\UK +0 system)Cup diameterVolume of one cupWeight of both breasts
34D13.1 cm (5+1/6 in)588 cm3 (36 cu in)1.06 kg (2.3 lb)

Examples of what size 34D breasts look like in celebrities

1. Kate Upton

2. Jennifer Connelly

3. Katharine McPhee

34D VS other sizes

  • vs 32D: The 32D bra has 2 inches less band. And the cup volume is slightly smaller.
  • vs 36D: The 36D bra has 2 inches more band. And the cup volume is slightly larger.
  • vs 34C: The 34C bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is smaller.
  • vs 34DD/E: The 34DD/E bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is larger.
  • vs 32DD/E: It’s a sister size. The 32DD/E bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little tighter.
  • vs 36C: It’s a sister size. The 36C bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little looser.

34D sister size chart

Sister size downCurrent bra sizeSister size up
UK32DD34D 36C

To determine which bra size is best for you, pay attention to how tight the hooks of your existing bra are. If you use the tightest hooks, then you should try a 32DD bra, and if the loosest hooks are the tightest, then it’s better to go for a 36C.

Is 34D big, small or medium?

Both size 34D breasts weight 2.3 lbs (1.06 kg). The volume of one breast is 36 cubic inches (588 cm3). This is the volume and weight of 9,78% of women in the United States, or 13263613 people.

The number of women with smaller breasts is 34,5%. 34D is conventionally average size.

13,09% of women in the United States have a D cup size. 40,93% have a smaller cup size. The D cup size is conventionally average cup size.

While a D cup is often seen as the largest part of the bra size spectrum, it is important to realize that not all D cup breasts are the same. On short, slender women, breasts with a D cup may appear larger than on women with larger builds. How a 34D breast looks on you is largely determined by the size of your frame.

Which bras are best for 34D breasts

Minimizer bras, wire bras, and sports bras are some of the best options as they provide excellent shape and coverage. However, women with 34D breasts, if sized correctly, can also comfortably wear bras, use a breast band, or choose a backless bra. Ultimately, it all depends on personal preference and the outfit you plan to wear.

34D equivalents

US+0 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 85AA
  • FR/BE/ES – 100AA
  • AU/NZ – 16AA
  • JP/KO – 85A
  • IT – 5AA
  • UK+0 – 34D
  • UK+4 – 38A
  • US+4 – 38A

US+4 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 75C
  • FR/BE/ES – 90C
  • AU/NZ – 12C
  • JP/KO – 75D
  • IT – 3C
  • UK+0 – 30F
  • US+0 – 30G
  • UK+4 – 34D

What size sports bra for 34D

34D (US+0/UK+0 system) = M

34D (US+4/UK+4 system) = XL

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