38C bra size

According to our data, 2,08% of women in the United States, or 2814999 people, have this size. Among them: Irish McCalla, Emma Samms, Patricia Arquette. Below you will learn how size 38C differs from sizes 38B, 40B, 36C, 40C, 36D, 38D. Find out why it’s average.

How many inches and centimeters in 38C bra size

Bust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)40 – 43101,6 – 109,2
Underbust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)37 – 3994 – 99,1
Bust (US+4\ UK+4)36 – 3991,4 – 99,1
Underbust (US+4\ UK+4)33 – 3583,8 – 88,9
Bra size (US+0\UK +0 system)Cup diameterVolume of one cupWeight of both breasts
38C14.0 cm (5+1/2 in)718 cm3 (44 cu in)1.29 kg (2.8 lb)

Examples of what size 38C breasts look like in celebrities

1. Irish McCalla

2. Emma Samms

3. Patricia Arquette

The appearance of 38C breasts can depend on several factors, including breast size, body type, and breast tissue density.

In general, women with 38C breasts are usually a full cup size, and they often do not need tight pads or a push-up effect to achieve this size. This size often provides a more pronounced cleavage compared to smaller sizes.

Also, due to the larger frame and weight distribution, women with 38C breasts may notice some sagging over time. This is due to the fact that their breasts have more volume in relation to the size of the strap. However, this can sometimes be alleviated by wearing standard bras designed for high-impact sports and using supportive inserts or body shaping products when necessary.

38C VS other sizes

  • vs 36C: The 36C bra has 2 inches less band. And the cup volume is slightly smaller.
  • vs 40C: The 40C bra has 2 inches more band. And the cup volume is slightly larger.
  • vs 38B: The 38B bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is smaller.
  • vs 38D: The 38D bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is larger.
  • vs 36D: It’s a sister size. The 36D bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little tighter.
  • vs 40B: It’s a sister size. The 40B bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little looser.

It is important to realize that each lingerie company uses a different sizing system. This means that a 38C bra from one brand may be different from a 38C bra from another brand.

It is important to realize that cup and waistband sizes are relative. For example, B cups on larger straps, such as a 42, are actually smaller in volume than C cups on smaller straps, such as a 30. Cup size is volume, not actual breast size.

38C sister size chart

Sister size downCurrent bra sizeSister size up

Is 38C big, small or medium?

Both size 38C breasts weight 2.8 lbs (1.29 kg). The volume of one breast is 44 cubic inches (718 cm3). This is the volume and weight of 10,98% of women in the United States, or 14886378 people.

The number of women with smaller breasts is 44,28%. 38C is conventionally average size.

14,56% of women in the United States have a C cup size. 26,37% have a smaller cup size. The C cup size is conventionally average cup size.

38C equivalents

US+0 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 95AA
  • FR/BE/ES – 110AA
  • AU/NZ – 20AA
  • JP/KO – 95AA
  • IT – 7AA
  • UK+0 – 38C
  • UK+4 – 42AA
  • US+4 – 42AA

US+4 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 85B
  • FR/BE/ES – 100B
  • AU/NZ – 16B
  • JP/KO – 85C
  • IT – 5B
  • UK+0 – 34E
  • US+0 – 34F
  • UK+4 – 38C

What size sports bra for 38C

38C (US+0/UK+0 system) = XL

38C (US+4/UK+4 system) = N/A

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