32A bra size

According to our data, 2,75% of women in the United States, or 3725734 people, have this size. Among them: Kelly Ripa, Amy Acker, Mariel Hemingway. Below you will learn how size 32A differs from sizes 32AA, 34AA, 30A, 34A, 30B, 32B. Find out why it’s smaller than average.

How many inches and centimeters in 32A bra size

Bust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)32 – 3581,3 – 88,9
Underbust measurements (US+0\ UK+0)31 – 3378,7 – 83,8
Bust (US+4\ UK+4)28 – 3171,1 – 78,7
Underbust (US+4\ UK+4)27 – 2968,6 – 73,7
Bra size (US+0\UK +0 system)Cup diameterVolume of one cupWeight of both breasts
32A9.7 cm (3+5/6 in)239 cm3 (15 cu in)0.43 kg (0.9 lb)

Examples of what size 32A breasts look like in celebrities

1. Kelly Ripa

2. Amy Acker

3. Mariel Hemingway

32A VS other sizes

  • vs 30A: The 30A bra has 2 inches less band. And the cup volume is slightly smaller.
  • vs 34A: The 34A bra has 2 inches more band. And the cup volume is slightly larger.
  • vs 32AA: The 32AA bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is smaller.
  • vs 32B: The 32B bra has the same band size. But the cup volume is larger.
  • vs 30B: It’s a sister size. The 30B bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little tighter.
  • vs 34AA: It’s a sister size. The 34AA bra has the same cup volume. But the band is a little looser.

32A sister size chart

Sister size downCurrent bra sizeSister size up

If the 32A bra isn’t the perfect fit for you, there are some alternative options to consider. You might want to explore a size closer to your ideal fit, such as a 30B bra. This choice could offer a snugger cup fit while still providing a more comfortable back band.

On the other hand, if you find that the 32A bra feels a bit loose in the back, you could opt for a 34AA bra instead. In this case, you may need to fasten it using the tightest hook-and-loop closure to ensure a secure fit.

Is 32A big, small or medium?

Both size 32A breasts weight 0.9 lbs (0.43 kg). The volume of one breast is 15 cubic inches (239 cm3). This is the volume and weight of 6,01% of women in the United States, or 8155218 people.

The number of women with smaller breasts is 4,43%. 32A is conventionally smaller than average size.

11,24% of women in the United States have a A cup size. 3,5% have a smaller cup size. The A cup size is conventionally smaller than the average cup size.

Which bras are best for 32A breasts

Now, let’s delve into some recommendations for the best bras suited for those with 32A breasts. With A cups, minimal support is generally required, so you have a few versatile options to consider. Bralettes, camisoles, or even going without a bra entirely can be comfortable choices.

However, if you’re looking to enhance your decolletage and create a more pronounced silhouette, you may want to explore push-up bras with generous padding for that added boost and confidence.

32A equivalents

US+0 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 80AA
  • FR/BE/ES – 95AA
  • AU/NZ – 14AA
  • JP/KO – 80AA
  • IT – 4AA
  • UK+0 – 32A
  • UK+4 – 36AA
  • US+4 – 36AA

US+4 system:

  • EU (Europe) – 70AA
  • FR/BE/ES – 85AA
  • AU/NZ – 10AA
  • JP/KO – 70A
  • IT – 2AA
  • UK+0 – 28D
  • US+0 – 28D
  • UK+4 – 32A

What size sports bra for 32A

32A (US+0/UK+0 system) = S

32A (US+4/UK+4 system) = L

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